2020 Management Training Program
for Canadian Business Owners.

Business Owners will focus on 5 specific business modules:

Module #1        Leadership

The road to success
Central Focus / Primary Aim
Leadership: Mission, Vision, and Values
Personal Foundation
Professional Foundation
Code of Conduct for staff
BC Employment Standards are covered.

Assignment:  Document Mission, Vision, Values, Code of Conduct for staff, and ensure all relevant legal documents required, are identified.

Module #2        Management

Management: Operation systems and processes
Management: Best Hiring Practices
Management: Organization chart short and long term
How to find, hire, and retain quality staff
Inventory Management

Assignment:  Identify the demographic and psychographics of future personnel by having an Organization Chart for 3 years from now to help you hire the right staff, when they are needed.

Module #3        Operations

Operations: Examine internal operations and document processes while looking for improvements
Operational Strategy
Organizational Structure
Production, Deliver, customer service
Training, Facility, Equipment
Review checklist

Assignment:  Create and/or review Operations Manual for the business.  Ensure all systems and processes are identified so the business can run more efficiently, like a ‘franchise’.

Module #4        Finance

Finance: Learn to read financials and improve your accounting skills.  Be more effective when you communicate with your bookkeeper and your accountant.
Financial Control Systems
    -cash flow projections, short and medium term
Bookkeeping and Accounting principles
Financial Analysis
    -break even analysis
Budgeting principles
Financing, Pricing, and Taxes
Expense Tracking
GST Reporting

Assignment:  “Know your numbers” and learn what the bookkeepers and accountants ‘should be’ doing to help your business with financial systems advice.  Learn how to better communicate with your financial advisors about your business requirements.

Module #5        Marketing and Sales

Demographic segmentation
Geographic segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
Marketing: Lead Generation Strategies
Marketing: Create Marketing Matrix
Positioning your company
Ethics and Values in Marketing
Sales and Promotions
Marketing Matrix
Sales: Profit margin, profitability, and bottom line.  Understanding your numbers in your business.
Building customer relationships to achieve a win/win status.  Learn how to take each sales situation and qualify the opportunity, build an implication for the decision, and reach a true ‘needs payoff’.   Our sales training treats sales as a science, not an art form.

Assignment:  Document your sales process and turn it from an art form into a science.  What are the decision milestones for your customer – from prospect to long-term referral source.

Graduates of the program will receive a ”Certification of Completion”.  As well, our business owner clients say what they want is an effective business plan, which breaks down their business priorities into manageable chunks with monthly and weekly tactics.  This is invaluable for those business owners who are often time crunched yet need a written ‘guidebook’.

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