2020 Management Training Program
for Canadian Business Owners.

Time Frame: 6 Months

Start/End of the Program:  

The 2018 Management Training Program is 6 months in duration.  The training program starts on 15 August 2016.  There have been many business owners who have signed up to take the course again and again for reinforcement.  For the clients coming back for training we will ensure they maximize their productivity by introducing additional training materials.

In class learning with a maximum of 8 students.
Additional one on one training will occur between classes.  This will focus on the business of each of the students, including confidential aspects, which might not be addressed in class.

At the end of the training program, the Business Owner will have:
-established better business management skills to run their business efficiently and effectively
-learned new skills to improve their customer relations and improve their profitability.
-know skills and tactics to best manage their staff
-they have an operational Business Plan with a pre-determined schedule and action plans
-they have created their Marketing Matrix to ensure their marketing budget is effective

The business plan is equivalent to their “thesis” but designed to be pragmatic and valuable rather than ‘shelf ware’.  Their business plan starts with their Mission, Vision, and Values and leads to creating their future organizational chart so future hiring and staff selection will be more purposeful.

The goal of the training program is to increase revenue as well as profitability for the business owner.  He/she will learn basic and advanced tactics and strategies to improve their business.  The goal is to train the business owner and their staff to be more efficient and effective in their business.

One of the key pieces of homework is to create The Marketing Matrix.   

The Marketing Matrix is a detailed Excel Worksheet template listing approximately 80 different types of business marketing options.  The Matrix will create a column for each month to track costs so the owner can measure the effectiveness of their marketing spend.  The spreadsheet concludes with management information to allow for more effective managing marketing and business initiatives and to leverage events.


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