2020 Management Training Program
for Canadian Business Owners.


*  Assess a variety of positions on business management issues and theories

*  Cooperatively plan and implement a course of action that addresses the problem, issue, or inquiry initially identified by the business owner

* Study a variety of business systems used by franchises and learn from them

* Production, Sales, and Revenue – how to set up meaningful measurements that small business owners can actually use

*  Describe how your business can identity, transmit culture, and adapt to change.  What changes should your company be making now to prepare for the future?

*  Demonstrate understanding of the tension between employers and employees

* Learn how to do strategic business planning

* Describe various ways businesses can utilize legal services and follow the BC Employment Standards Act.

* Implement the development and importance of internal business systems

* Analyze the effect of time management and proper scheduling of employees and resources

* Construct, interpret, and use graphs, tables, grids, scales, legends, a complete business plan designed to be used weekly


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